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We know that any homeowner looking for replacement windows will be prioritising their home security, which is why every style of window that we install includes a variety of advanced window safety mechanisms as standard. They all meet strict building regulations and have passed the relevant security tests, giving you peace of mind that your family are safe and secure. Our range of window locks and hardware includes multi-point locking systems, robust handles and window restrictors. Take a look below to see how we make sure your new windows offer the highest form of home security.

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Multi-point locks for your Kent home

Multi-point locks are one of the most used locking systems in the industry because they’ve proven exceptional resilience and sturdiness that can withstand even the toughest forces. Most multi-point locks have 3 vertical slots, and when the window is closed shut, they securely bolt to 3 hooks on the window frame. In comparison to older windows that bolt at only one point, this provides much more protection for your home. As multi-point locks are reputable for their excellent levels of home security, they can even reduce your home insurance costs.

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Multi-point lock
Shootbolt locks

Shootbolt window locks in Tonbridge, Rochester and Canterbury

A shootbolt lock works by extending either inwards or outwards at the top and bottom of the window, which securely pins it to the main window frame. The locking system includes adjustable mushroom cams, which tightly seals the windowpane to the frame, securing it together so that the window is much more resilient. As it's so precisely sealed, it helps to keep the weather elements out and stops draughts from entering your home.

Beaded window frames

Window beading is found along the outer edges of the window frame and its primary function is to hold the glazing firmly in place. If someone attempts to smash the frame, the beading provides protection from such forces so that the glass will stay tightly intact and is far less likely to smash.

Our windows can be either internally or externally beaded, depending on how you would like the window to appear. If you opt for external beading, it will be seen on the outer of the window profile, with internal beading being incorporated to the inside of the frame.

Some homeowners like the added decorative feature, but some like it to be hidden for a sleeker profile. External beading is popular on timber windows and heritage uPVC windows as it was commonly used on traditional windows, so you’ll be able to achieve the period style. Our more modern window designs are usually internally beaded for a slimmer window appearance.

window beading profile
window restrictor

Double glazed window restrictors

Window restrictors are usually an additional extra for casement windows, but they are also compatible with tilt and turn and bay windows. They are a security feature that controls how far a window can open, making them ideal for homeowners with young children. It is placed on the window frame, inside of your home, so it can’t be seen from the outside.

We can also offer cabin hooks, concealed restrictor arms, cable restrictors and sash jammers. They work in the same way as a normal window restrictor, constricting the opening of the window yet letting fresh air to flow into your home.

Sash window security features

As sliding sash windows have a vertical opening mechanism rather than a typical outwards opening, they have their own range of security features.

  • Sash window locks/fasteners – these elements are fixed to the middle of the vertical sash and so when it’s locked, it stops the window from being opened, securely bolting the sashes to the main frame.
  • Sash window stops – these assist in both home security and ventilation. They can be found on both sides of the sash and restrict the opening of the sash so that you can let natural air in, without worrying about the opening being too large. This is an important element for families with young children and windows found on higher levels.

  • Meeting rails – this is the component where the top rail of the bottom window and the bottom rail of the top rail meet. They’re accurately fitted to slot tightly together so that the sashes can’t be moved or picked when closed.
  • Hook fasteners – this is an additional extra for sash windows and will add a decorative heritage appearance. They’ll also enhance the window’s sturdiness, locking the window firmly in place when fastened. When the window is opened, they allow for a small opening for ventilation, whist reducing the size of the opening.
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