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French Doors

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French Doors

For a long time now, French doors have been known to add elegance and continental style to many homes. They form a great addition to any good looking home. French doors are known to originate from France just as the name suggests in the 1600s. Traditionally, they were used to open up into small balconies although that is not the case anymore. Nowadays French doors can be used on any home creating a welcoming touch.

Lasting over hundreds of years, French doors have been known to offer a favourable exit into the garden for most homeowners. They come with a great sophistication that has made them loved by many. Depending on the door size needed, French doors offer homeowners the choice to either open one door or two to allow for easy access. During those summer months when the homes heat up, they offer fully opened areas blurring between the home and the garden.

What are the Benefits of French doors?

  • They make homes brighter.
  • They make homes warmer.
  • They make homes secure.
  • Come in different designs.
  • Homeowners can enjoy brighter homes

hey allow the sun’s natural light to lighten up the home making bright all day long without need of artificial light. They help individuals bring the outside environment right into their homes. People are able to relax, entertain and work comfortably from their homes. In addition to these, they create a feel of a larger space and openness in your house. This is due to the large door glasses allowing lights to easily flood your home.

Homes Become Warmer

Apart from serving a homeowner well during the summer, they are a perfect fit for winter. They are capable of retaining heat within the house making the house remain warmer throughout the winter season. They are also capable of keeping out coldness due to their double or triple glazing and the completely sealed units. They are also made with an insulating material that does not allow heat in or out. This can be reflected in lower energy bills as the electricity consumption is greatly reduced.

Guaranteed Security

These doors are fitted with numerous security safeguards ensuring your home is more secure. They are fitted with hook-bolts, shoot-bolts and a key lock to make your home safe.

Offer Unique Choices

There are many designs of these French doors offering homeowners a variety to choose from. They come with side panels to make windows bigger letting in more light and acting as ventilation for fresh air. Whatever the design chosen, the quality remains to same offering customers a great product. But still our company offers a 10 year guarantee on these doors to make customers confident when buying.

Customers can choose from our different finishes and be assured any design they take will perfectly fit into their homes. Whatever material chosen, the existing look of your home will not be negatively affected. We have UPVC, conservation or aluminium and any of these will give your home a great look.

Have you had thoughts of fixing French doors to your home? Then do not put off your thoughts and take the next step. You will find out how simple it easy to fix these French doors to your homes. If interested, you can call us through 01473 467181 and talk to one of our experts who will take you through our options and answer any questions you may be having.

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