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Door security for homes in Bromley and Dartford, to Maidstone and Ashford

Home security is a priority for any homeowner, which is why we source industry-leading locking features for all of our double glazing products. With Fineline Windows, you can have assurance in knowing that your replacement door will have been thoroughly tested to strict regulations, providing the security you’d expect of a modern replacement door.

Secure doors for the front and back of your home

Being the main access point to a home, doors are most commonly targeted by potential burglars. They specifically look for older and worn-out appearing doors that will be easier to force entry upon. With a replacement front or back door, you’ll significantly reduce the likelihood of an unwanted intruder attempting to break into your home thanks to their sophisticated range of locking features and highly robust door panels and frames. For more information on our security components, take a read below.

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Key operated multi-point locking systems

Multi-point locking systems are the most popular central lock for front and back doors these days. With their inventive design, they bolt the door panel to the frame in several points, significantly increasing its ability to stay intact from forced entry. To class as a multi-point locking system, it is required to have at least three locking points, but many have five. Our locking systems are key operated for simple ease of use. When the key is turned, all of the individual locks securely attach to the external frame at once.

Grey aluminium front door
Yale door locks

Yale door locks are the top industry choice

If you decide to get one of our composite doors installed, you’ll benefit from industry-leading home security as our range of composite doors are fitted with Yale locks as standard. Yale multi-point door locks are highly reputable for offering the best security available on the market, and as the largest supplier of residential security features, you can have peace of mind that there is no better alternative!

Yale multi-point locks include a variety of components that are manufactured using innovative techniques to achieve the best security possible. Their designs include deadbolts, precise hooks and robust latches, which altogether provides a highly accredited security feature. Of course, being a large provider, their multi-point locks are continuously tested to meet industry standards.

What are anti-snap locks?

The inner cylinder is the most vulnerable aspect of a traditional lock as it can quite easily be snapped by intruders, without drilling or picking. If the cylinder sticks out more than 5mm on the outside, applying a small amount of pressure can snap it so it loses any protection it initially offered, making it easy to gain entry.

As leading double-glazing installers, we use modern and industry approved anti-snap locks which eliminate the common problems of snapped cylinder locks. It incorporates a precisely cut line in the body of the cylinder, so when force is applied, the mechanisms stay intact. For the homeowner, they function the exact same; by turning the key it pushes the spring-loaded pin out of the cylinder, opening the door. When locked, the strictly organized pins keep the cylinder in place so it can’t become loose.

Yale superior locks
Mortice lock

What is a mortice lock?

Mortice locks are frequently added into both residential and commercial doors and use a simple key opening functionality. They secure the door on both the outside and inside, rather than within the material of the door. Mortice locking systems feature robust materials, innovative anti-pick features and solid hard plates to protect against drilling. These elements ensure they pass tests against common intruder techniques, giving homeowners confidence in their security.

What about additional door security features?

For property owners looking for even greater home protection, we can integrate a number of extra locking elements, including the following:

  • Door security chains – a door chain limits the capacity that a door can open. When the door is latched to the frame, it expands to a range that enables the homeowner on the inside to see who is outside but is small enough that a potential intruder couldn’t fit through or gain access.
  • Sash jammers – a popular supplementary security feature for both windows and doors, they stop the door from opening if the lock becomes defective through damage. Its design includes a small yet incredibly sturdy bar that overlaps the door panel when closed, so if someone attempts to open the door, the bar will continue to hold it closed in place. It’s easy opening system just requires the homeowner to press the lever down.
White uPVC back door

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