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Double Glazed Windows

Double glazing has been a part of British households for over twenty years now however, there are still very many homes putting up with the inefficiencies of single glazing that see many homes suffer major heat loss which leads to higher utility bills. Replacing single glazing with double glazing will significantly bring down your monthly energy bill allowing you to save a significant amount of money every year. You can easily save £90 to £120 every year on your energy bill if you replaced all single glazed windows in your 3 bedroom semi-detached home with A-rated double glazing windows.

Apart from enjoying a lower energy bill every month, your home will also enjoy other benefits i.e. noise reduction, reduced condensation, heart retention and increased security. Homes usually feel colder than they should because of draughts allowing cold air to get in. Despite heating up your home and incurring huge energy bills, you will still feel cold because of draughts and heat escaping through your windows.

This is where double glazing comes in handy. Our expertly sealed & installed glazing eliminates draughts once and for all. We will install windows that keep draughts out and preserve heat indoors eliminating the need to constantly heat your home during cold weather.

Our double glazing windows have two layers of extremely tough glass separated by a thin layer of argon gas which creates a perfect cold air barrier. Our double glazing features an air gap that is extremely small to allow air circulation. This prevents convectional heat transfer since trapped air is a very poor heat conductor. The amount of air lost through our double glazing window is therefore minimal.

Heat loss aside, our double glazing also reduces noise which in turn results in a quieter and more relaxed home even in cases where you live near a busy/noisy road or neighbourhood. After installing our double glazing windows, you will also enjoy a warmer home and better sleep throughout the year.

We offer a variety of double glazing material options for your conservatory doors, windows and frames. These material options include; hardwood, aluminium, conservations, UPVC and Composite. You will instantly notice a big difference in the aesthetic appeal as well as comfort of your home all year around when you choose us to do your double glazing.

Ideally, double glazing lasts over 20 years. Throughout this period, you stand to save over £2,100. The savings you enjoy from double glazing therefore outweigh the cost in the long-term.

Why Invest in Double Glazing?

  • You stand to enjoy lower electricity bills because double glazing ensures that your house retains heat better. After double glazing, you don’t need to heat your house for long during cold weather.
  • Double glazing doesn’t restrict material variety. You can use a variety of materials from UPVC and hardwood to composite, aluminium and conservation.
  • Double glazing makes your home secure and free of draughts.
  • Double glazing also reduces condensation.

For more information about our double glazing options, don’t hesitate to call us on our free number: 01473 467181. We have a team of dedicated staff waiting to answer all your questions.

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