Comfort Glass in Bromley and Dartford, to Maidstone and Sevenoaks

Industry-leading Comfort Glass and Comfort Plus glass from Planitherm uses the same principles as double glazing and takes them a step further. It combines two highly efficient glazing panels with a built-in laminate layer and a special transparent Low-E coating that stops 56% more internal heat from escaping. A much more effective insulator than triple glazing, Comfort Glass is designed to dramatically improve your home’s thermal performance amongst other benefits, including improved home security, noise reduction, and furniture fade protection. An extremely popular alternative to triple glazing, Comfort Glass is the best way to keep your home warm and safe.

Comfort Glass vs Double Glazing

Comfort Feature Energy Standard Comfort Comfort Plus
Energy efficiency ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Enhanced security ✔️ ✔️
Noise reduction ✔️ ✔️
Furniture fade protection ✔️ ✔️
Reduce overheating ✔️
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Superior energy efficiency in Tonbridge, Rochester, & Canterbury

When you want the ultimate home insulation, our A energy rated Comfort Glass is for you. Not only does it achieve some of the very best grades available, but it also boasts low U-values of 1.3 W/m2K. This illustrates its pioneering ability to keep your home energy efficient.

If you’re looking to reduce your home’s carbon emissions, then Comfort Glass is an excellent solution as far less energy will be required to warm your home. This means you’ll also be able to save money on your energy bills, whilst protecting the environment.

Say goodbye to draughty spots in your home and enjoy a comfortable temperature within your home 365 days of the year with our modern Comfort Glass.

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White uPVC casement window installed in Maidstone
uPVC white casement window

Modern Comfort Glass will keep external noises out

If you live in a busy city centre, near a main road, airport, or noisy factory, a quiet and peaceful home could be your ultimate dream. With Comfort Glass, this dream could soon become a reality. Comfort Glass is an excellent acoustic insulator. Delivering 20% better noise reduction than older-style double glazing, it's built-in acoustic layer effectively blocks out external noise from entering your home which creates a tranquil living environment where you can relax after a hard day’s work.
Comfort glass is also really easy to clean and requires minimum maintenance.


Heighten home protection with robust Comfort Glass

If you’re looking to boost your home’s security, then our modern Comfort Glass windows are the best solution. Incorporating a tough built-in transparent laminate layer that makes it much harder to break than standard double glazed windows, its resilience is exceptionally increased. United with quality frames and advanced multi-point locking features, they’ll stay intact from strong forces as they are much less likely to smash. Plus, for absolute peace of mind, laminated glass will not shatter either – so it’s a much safer alternative all round.

Yellow double glazed window installed in Folkestone.

Triple glazing alternatives - Is Comfort Glass better than triple glazing?

If you're wondering 'what's the difference between Comfort Glass and triple glazing?' then you're not alone! First things first, it's important to realise that more panes of glass do not necessarily mean more savings. Retaining heat inside north facing homes for longer and preventing south facing homes from overheating, Comfort Glass triumphs over triple glazing in a variety of ways.

  Comfort Glass Triple Glazing
Energy efficiency High Medium
Enhanced security High Medium
Noise reduction High Low-medium
Furniture Fade Protection ✔️
Reduce overheating ✔️
Range of visibility options ✔️
Lightweight ✔️
Cost effective ✔️
Easy to install ✔️

A range of Comfort Glass window styles and designs

Our extensive window collection caters to every personal taste. You can choose from our popular casement or bay window styles, and even design your own unique window style with our bespoke window services. They’re tailored down to the finest details, and we’ll ensure that they meet your individual preferences.

You have a choice of three high-performance materials; uPVC and aluminium. Depending on the material you opt for, you will be able to choose from up to 150+ RAL colours and a variety of wood effect finishes for a traditional style. Whether it’s sleek grey, classic cream, or a vibrant coloured window frame, we’ve got a design to suit each and every home. You can include any of our window furniture pieces and even incorporate decorative glazing to add a distinctive touch to your new Comfort glazed windows.

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uPVC bow windows with leaded details
Bespoke cream uPVC window

Comfort Plus glass

Comfort Plus glass adds an extra layer of invisible coating that stops your home from overheating. Perfect for south-facing homes that get a large amount of sunlight.

So you could use comfort plus glass in rooms prone to overheating and normal comfort glass in other rooms to let more heat from the sun in where that isn't an issue.

The extra coating also increases the strength of the window making it more secure as well.

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What is comfort glass?

Comfort glass is an exceedingly efficient glazing system. It uses two glazed panels combined with a laminated layer and low-e coating. This stops heat escaping from your home even more than standard double or triple glazing.

Is comfort glass better than double glazing?

Yes, compared to standard double glazing comfort glass can stop up to 56% more heat from escaping your home, it protects furniture from fading, blocks 99% of damaging UV rays, is more secure and provides up to 20% more noise reduction.

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Heritage window interior view

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