Window furniture in Bromley and Dartford, to Maidstone and Ashford

As each and every window that we install is made to measure, you can choose from our extensive selection of window furniture for the finishing touch to your replacement windows. Whether you’re looking for sleek chrome handlebars, antique styles or something in between, we’ll help you choose the best options to suit your home.

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A window handle colour to suit every Kent home

The window handle colour selection is dependent on the window material you are pairing them with. Each colour palette is chosen to complement the material’s texture and finish.

If you are getting uPVC windows installed, the handles can be designed in white, satin, chrome, gold and black. Our aluminium windows can be either colour-coordinated or metallic. The standard colour-coordinated range includes anthracite grey, slate grey, black grey, jet black, dark metallic silver and white. The metallic choices are chrome, satin, silver and gold.

window handle colours
uPVC casement window

Trickle vents to protect your new windows

The primary function of trickle vents is to provide your home with ventilation, allowing airflow to circulate the room, whilst stopping polluted air from outside to enter. Trickle vents aren’t required for new window installations, but they are legally required if they already exist on the windows you are looking to replace.

Trickle vents are found on the top horizontal frame of the window and can be finished in the same colour as the frame for a seamless finish.

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Double glazed window restrictors and peg window stays

A window restrictor is used to limit how far the window can be opened, making them ideal for households with young children. It is discretely placed on the inside of the window, so it won’t spoil the overall appearance. There’s a variety of styles to choose from, including cabin hooks, concealed restrictor arms, cable restrictors and sash jammers. Dependent on the specific window you’re opting for, we can let you know the best option for your home.

Peg window stays originate from heritage timber windows. It is a metal bar that is fitted into the window frame and includes either one or two pins on the bar, so you can choose how far the opening is. Peg window stays can also be included in our uPVC timber effect windows to add to their traditional style, whilst providing a useful safety purpose.

peg window stay

Sash window furniture in Tonbridge, Rochester and Canterbury

Sash windows differ in their functionality in comparison to other window styles, so our uPVC sash windows have their very own range of furniture pieces. It includes:

  • Sash lift and pulls – its purpose is to open and close the window, and they can have either a lift or pull mechanism depending on the window. You can choose from curved or flat lifts.
  • Sash handles – this has the same purpose as a sash lift, but it uses a handle design instead. Its more commonly found on modern designs.
  • Sash fasteners – this keeps both windowpanes securely together when closed.
  • Sash pulley – located on the side of the window, the frame slides over the pulley which helps the easy sliding opening mechanism.
  • Sash stops – this locks the window open when you want to let natural air in, whilst also restricting the opening for security.
  • Sash horns – whilst they add a bespoke touch to the heritage design, they also stop the sashes from opening further than they should and becoming stuck.
  • Sash eyes/ring pulls – these are an optional addition to sliding sash windows. They have a ring-shaped style and can be used to assist in opening the sash.

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