Secondary glazing in Bromley and Dartford, to Maidstone and Sevenoaks

If you live in a conservation area or listed building, secondary glazing will allow you to upgrade your windows without Planning Permission complications. Some original windows are considered part of British heritage and removal and replacement is illegal. If your home is suffering from inefficient windows which are having a negative impact on your standard of living, but you’re not allowed to replace them with double or triple glazing, secondary glazing can help you enjoy a warmer, safer home.

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Secondary glazing for listed properties in Kent

Although secondary glazing is fixed securely in place, it does not require planning consent as it is viewed as an alterable modification. That’s why it’s an excellent solution for homeowners who reside in listed properties who suffer from non-performing windows. They’re approved for use in areas of outstanding beauty, and will add value to any home they’re installed upon.

As the pane of glass is fitted on the inside of the window, it won’t deter from your home’s current character. So you can still adhere to any conservation area regulations and keep your home’s heritage appearance, whilst opting for a convenient and cost-effective option to benefit from the modern advantages of the latest glazing technologies. Experience better energy efficiency, home security and noise reduction with our high-performance secondary glazing for listed homes.

Aluminium secondary glazed windows
Sliding sash windows with secondary glazing

Improve energy efficiency in Tonbridge, Rochester and Canterbury

If you are restricted by building regulations, secondary glazing will improve your listed home’s efficiency while protecting its traditional character. As you’re only adding an extra layer of glass to the inside of your home, rather than getting completely new windows installed, it is a more affordable option of improving energy efficiency. With enhanced thermal abilities, you’ll also be able to save money on energy bills, making them an excellent investment for any property owner.

Our secondary glazing solutions use industry-leading techniques which imitates the way that our A+ energy rated double glazing works. As it adds an additional pane of glazing, which is manufactured using high-quality materials, the warmth is kept within your home and the cold elements are kept out. You’ll instantly benefit from a more comfortable temperature within your home all year round.

Many listed properties are prone to condensation because of their old windows. This is an obvious sign of poor thermal performances and so by upgrading your home with secondary glazed windows, issues of condensation will no longer be a problem for your home.

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Secondary glazed windows will add durability and protection

With an extra layer of glass added to your existing windows, your home’s security will be significantly improved. They’ll provide heightened resilience from unwanted burglars as the durable design means that they are much less likely to smash and harder to break into.

Old or weak looking windows make a home vulnerable to intruders as they are much easier to break into. So by upgrading to secondary glazed windows, you’ll have peace of mind that your home is safe and secure.

White uPVC casement window installation
Interior view of a composite conservation window

Keep external noises out of your home

A common problem with old windows is that they let the outdoor noises in, creating an uncomfortable atmosphere within the home. Issues like this will be a thing of the past with secondary glazed windows as they are an excellent acoustic insulator. So if you live near a busy road or in a noisy town centre, secondary glazing can help you to create a more tranquil living environment. You’ll be able to sleep and work in a relaxing and quiet home.

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Secondary glazed window styles and designs

We can install secondary glazing onto your existing windows or fit them as part of a new set of replacement windows. Secondary glazing is highly versatile. Various glass thicknesses are available to provide differing levels of insulation, suiting any requirements. A range of opening methods are also offered, so you can choose from vertical and horizontal sliding systems, tilt opening, lift-out, and hinged.

Our casement windows are available in uPVC, aluminium and timber. All of which are exceptionally high-quality and will increase both your home’s performance and appearance. You can choose from over 150+ RAL colours and a variety of heritage wood effect finishes which is ideal to keep the traditional character of your home.

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