Everything You Need To Know About Triple Glazing

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If there’s something homeowners are looking for it’s ways to run a cheaper home. With energy bills increasing year on year, finding ways to offset these costs is becoming an increasingly important factor.

The first place you need to be looking when it comes to saving money is at your windows – It’s one of the main places your home loses heat! If you stick with single glazing, you could be losing hundreds of pounds as heat leaks out of your home.

Install triple glazing however, and you could be enjoying a home which is 5x more effective and energy efficient than single glazing. Saving you hundreds on your energy bills and creating a warmer more efficient home almost instantly.

Triple glazing has become the norm in colder climates such as northern Europe and Scandinavia and with ever colder winters hitting the British Isles every year – it’s becoming increasingly popular on these shores as well. And why wouldn’t it? It helps keep cold air out and warm air in more efficiently than ever before – saving homeowners money. We all want a warm comfortable home and this is one of the best ways to provide it.

Triple glazing works like double glazing in the way that it uses multiple panes of glass separated by an argon gas filling. But unlike double glazing, it uses three panes of glass instead of two. Each of these panes of glass have an argon gas filling which helps prevent cold air seeping in as it needs to make its way through three panes of glass and two argon gas fillings – the perfect defence!

Along with a warmer home, this extra layer also provides great security. An important factor for many homeowners. By using three panes instead of two, it makes it hard to break through and because we always toughen the centre pane no matter its size or location, you benefit from better security. This also eliminates the risk of random breakages due to heat build-up in the sealed cavity unit.

Finally, triple glazing also provides fantastic acoustic performance, acting as a great defence against noise pollution. Now you can enjoy a quitter home as well as a safer and warmer one. With all the benefits of triple glazing and affordable pricing and deals, why wouldn’t you get it?

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