The Benefits of Comfort Glass

White uPVC window interior view

If you make external improvements to your home, one of the most likely things you will want to change and improve is your windows. There are a number of reasons why you might want to replace your existing windows. You could feel that the frames are old and outdated or your old single glazing is not doing a good enough job.

One of the biggest drawbacks of single glazing is that it simply lets out so much heat and is not energy efficient – scoring lowly on your energy performance certificate. It can also lead to problems such as draughts and condensation, making for a cold and unhealthy home. Damp and moisture can result in the growth of mould and mites – unhealthy for both you and your home.

Comfort glass is perfect for the ever colder winters approaching the British Isles each year, a need for further insulation for your home is becoming increasingly important to provide a more comfortable environment for your family.

Comfort glass can make a home much more comfortable according to research from Germany at the PassivHaus Institute. It revealed the outcome of surface temperatures on various types of glazing when it’s cold outside and the internal air temperature is designed to be at 21°C. Comfort glass provides a much more comfortable home.

Comfort glass two highly efficient glazing panels with a built-in laminate layer and a special transparent Low-E coating that stops 56% more internal heat from escaping. A much more effective insulator than triple glazing, Comfort Glass is designed to dramatically improve your home’s thermal performance amongst other benefits, providing further defence against any cold draughts.

As well as a much more comfortable home, it can also become more stylish, with new windows giving a brand new lease of life to your home. New windows and frames can really make your home look much more modern and sleek as well as new frames providing much better insulation. There are so many choices to choose from which means you can find something that will match your home and its style – be it classic or modern. Choosing from hardwood, aluminium, PVC-U, Composite and sliding sash allows you to choose what’s most suitable for you while benefiting from better glazing at the same time.

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